Outsourcing has become a common term for businesses as every major business and organization gets some or the other part of their work done by outsiders or offshore service providers. This allows them to save time and resources that can be used to focus on their core business activities.

Further, organizations also enjoy huge cost savings at the expense of conducting these activities in-house is almost 70% costlier than the cost incurred on outsourcing them. However, not all the organizations have a positive experience while dealing with a BPO and call center services provider. Some get great services while others might have to suffer. Mentioned below are 5 most common mistakes that clients commit when they outsource their requirements.



They Select The Wrong Call Center Outsourcing Vendor:

This is one of the most common and gravest mistakes that organizations commit. The basic reason basic such behavior is that they tend to ignore the importance of research and requirement analysis process. It is very important that you conduct a thorough research and investigation about the service provider whom you wish to select. Check out his background and the type of work he has done earlier. Talk to some of their previous clients and gather information about them before you make a final decision.



They think Analysis Is A Secondary Task:

Data is the most important thing for an organization today. Properly collected and analyzed data can reveal much more than you can ever imagine. You need to first make sure that the vendor is collecting data in a proper manner. Further, you should analyze this data yourself as it can reveal huge opportunities and provide many new success roads for enhanced profits.



 They Don’t Understand:

The Importance of CRM or client relationship management is much more than just a word used in business world. It helps in determining various aspects of the customers and provides valuable information about them to organizations. You can base your communication and promotional activities on much-informed decisions.



They Believe That Customers Would Listen To Any Script:

It has been observed and established that pushing customers towards pre-recorded scripts is one of the biggest factors in the loss of customers and the business. Customers feel more comfortable and connected when they are talking to live person, rather than a machine.


Who Cares About Follow-up:

Well, you should. Businesses can increase their customer retention and customer loyalty figures by the huge percentage if they start follow-up services. Once you have delivered a particular service or solution, it is your duty as a BPO services provider to follow-up and makes sure that the customers have received proper services from your end. Make sure that you don’t commit any of the above-mentioned mistakes and you will receive best results from them.

- Vishal Parashar

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