Business Opportunity Day

India Outsourcing Carnival by BusinessX Media - An innovative platform for the outsourcing industry. We are trying and experimenting to change the business trends with your support. We are sure it will become an opportunity Platform that is going to be the first step towards changing the way business deals are made.  Your presence matters in success!!

Format: Round Table Meetings: Explore Various Business Opportunities.

Attendee: Business Providers and Contact Centers

Focus: Talks & Discussions for forging new partnerships, finding the right business partner to invest in with a shared vision to achieve growth.

Agenda:  The India Outsourcing Carnival March 2018 Series is where company heads will gather for a day of pure networking and establishing mutually beneficial relationships, share strategic insights on developing next revenue generation process model, customer-centric processes, developing processes with excellence and policies to engage and empower all employees to be the highest performers. If you are looking for the most comprehensive one-stop-shop to not only acquire information but also potential service partners, look no further.

Date:  7th and March 2018 New Delhi

Process Provider Category: E-commerce, Telecom, Healthcare, Technology, Insurance, Finance, Retail, Travel

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